Tuesday, October 30, 2007


If you’ve been looking for the ugliest duck in the world, your search stops today, my friend. Waco is the proud home of Muscovy ducks. Damn they’re jacked up.

Actually, I thought they were hideous when I saw them from afar a few days ago (turkey features, mishmash coloring). But today I hung out up close with three ducks I’ve seen along the Brazos River, and they’re kinda cute in an affront to God sorta way. See these here duckies are mules (they hook up with others species and spawn some sterile offspring). So you can’t hate too much on ’em I s’ppose.

So yeah, me and the Muscovies are cool — definitely not like these arrogant, conventional MFers (“we’re pretty and can reproduce”). Pricks.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Ah yeah! It’s coldish outside, so the oven is a busier place in my house. I spent last weekend making a batch o’ cornbread. There’s no need for honey when you use maple syrup, but I can’t fault ya if you wanna indulge with the sweetness.

Coupled with a quick vegan chili recipe, I quickly polished off this meal last weekend ... too quick in fact — I didn’t even think to take pics of the chili. Morningstar Farms’ recipe couldn’t be simpler. As much as I’d love to let a pot of chili bubble all-damn day, I just don’t have the time for that. Anyway, the faux-meat crumbles are excellent. I plan on using them in a stuffed bell pepper experiment later this week, so look for that.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


5 a.m.: It's early in the morning in most people's world, especially on this conventional Saturday (for those not up on my schedule, my "Saturday" is Wednesday). I, however, couldn't be happier about rising at this hour because I actually slept in today. Last night/this morning was the first time in about four months that I slept totally undisturbed — no two hours here, wake up, another hour down, then another hour or two up, then another two or three hours down. Nope. Last night was amazing — something most people take for granted. Not me.

That pattern of awake-asleep-awake describes what I had come to consider a good day. I'm fortunate that I managed to keep my sanity and function fairly well during that spell of insomnia (without booze, pills or konkin' myself on my skull, mind you). I can only hope that my good fortune continues. God knows I'm hopeful — probably still tired, too — but definitely hopeful. I have to be. More than anything, I really hope this is the beginning of a new pattern.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


So I gave a new recipe for banana bread a whirl today. It didn't turn out so great. Vegan cooking is not an exact science, especially for me. So I ended up with bread that smelled incredible! I can hope the scent lingers in my home for another day. ... Ahem, but the crust was dry and hard and the meat was undercooked in places. I took special care to not overmix the ingredients, but I fear I did just that.

Oh well. Live and learn. At least it was a fat free recipe. Next time will be better.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It just doesn't make sense — the bag for vegetables that shoppers "use" for 30 minutes to shuttle apples from the produce section to their carts to the check out into another plastic bag(s) to their cars to their refrigerators.

It's the small things that have made us habitual, unquestioning beings. This is really a shame.

It's an "Automatic for the People" world. We do so much without thinking. Our convenience has an effect, and a little bit of inconvenience every day will do us all some good. I'm already making small choices and decisions that matter. It feels good to think and inconvenience myself a bit ... and I'm going to do more of it.