Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It just doesn't make sense — the bag for vegetables that shoppers "use" for 30 minutes to shuttle apples from the produce section to their carts to the check out into another plastic bag(s) to their cars to their refrigerators.

It's the small things that have made us habitual, unquestioning beings. This is really a shame.

It's an "Automatic for the People" world. We do so much without thinking. Our convenience has an effect, and a little bit of inconvenience every day will do us all some good. I'm already making small choices and decisions that matter. It feels good to think and inconvenience myself a bit ... and I'm going to do more of it.

2 comments: said...

as long as you can re-use the little doofy bags, then its ok. i like to use them to organize my sewing notions and different dried plants and to line the inside of small cases. They come in really handy, but you have to think of ways to use them. I know what you're saying about so many stupid things made for "convenience" but at such an environmental cost, it is pitiful to consider. This is why I try to find local farmers markets, buy meat from local butchers and reuse the hell out of everything I touch. More power to inconveniencing yourself. That is very admirable.

Robert Tracy said...

Depeche Mode was off base: Everything counts in "small" amounts.