Saturday, October 27, 2007


5 a.m.: It's early in the morning in most people's world, especially on this conventional Saturday (for those not up on my schedule, my "Saturday" is Wednesday). I, however, couldn't be happier about rising at this hour because I actually slept in today. Last night/this morning was the first time in about four months that I slept totally undisturbed — no two hours here, wake up, another hour down, then another hour or two up, then another two or three hours down. Nope. Last night was amazing — something most people take for granted. Not me.

That pattern of awake-asleep-awake describes what I had come to consider a good day. I'm fortunate that I managed to keep my sanity and function fairly well during that spell of insomnia (without booze, pills or konkin' myself on my skull, mind you). I can only hope that my good fortune continues. God knows I'm hopeful — probably still tired, too — but definitely hopeful. I have to be. More than anything, I really hope this is the beginning of a new pattern.


Collin Quick said...

I saw the REM and thought you'd be talking about the band, R.E.M., but then I noticed the lack of periods.

Robert Tracy said...

I aim to confuse. It’s a skill. But no, I've got nothin' on R.E.M. — except I would trade another 3 months of restful sleep for one of Mike Mills' sweet Nudie suit. said...

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis? Booze and pills are the ONLY way I get to sleep these days.... shoo! But really, though, I know what you mean with the segmented sleep patterns. To try to overcome this, I even tried the unthinkable - I (gasp) EXERCISED before bed. Still no dice. Despite my wanton expenditure of precious, precious calories, I was awake at 3:45am and intensely contemplating the machinations of Mark Summers, Harry Belafonte and Karl Rove.... I even tried reading really boring books, but somehow, the insomnia takes the reigns and makes John Steinbeck interesting! (Horrors!) Let me know if you come up with a cure... I would love to know!