Thursday, October 25, 2007


So I gave a new recipe for banana bread a whirl today. It didn't turn out so great. Vegan cooking is not an exact science, especially for me. So I ended up with bread that smelled incredible! I can hope the scent lingers in my home for another day. ... Ahem, but the crust was dry and hard and the meat was undercooked in places. I took special care to not overmix the ingredients, but I fear I did just that.

Oh well. Live and learn. At least it was a fat free recipe. Next time will be better.

3 comments: said...

I still dont understand the vegan cooking... but you vegetarians are strange birds in my book... i can dig the "fat free" bit, but where's the taste? no butter? my glutenous posterior quivers in fear.

FutureMrs. said...

maybe that recipe had never been tested before. I actually made a loaf of banana bread just like that and it was fat free- turned out the same way! LOL

Robert Tracy said...

I like the theory that it's the recipe's problem. I shall blame it specifically for any and all unsavory experiments. ... Ah, A Strange Bird, indeed.