Monday, November 12, 2007

Go, Joe! A real Vegetarian hero

Sunday was a nice slow, peaceful day. I ran a few miles, made some more biscotti (you’ll just have to wait) and whipped out a phenomenal dish from the Post Punk Kitchen — Snobby Joes.

It’s your basic Sloppy Joe recipe, but meat-free (lentils provide the protein). I think I would have preferred mixing the lentils with a bit of tofu or faux meat crumbles for texture’s sake. Still, these Joes are simple to make and have a taste that’s worthy of the “I’m better than you are” moniker.

2 comments: said...

Have you tried Melissa's Brand Soy-Rizo? Its soy-based chorizo (vegetarian) and its outta sight! I've been on a diet lately, and have been making lotsa veggie dishes - and have been inspired by your vegan cooking... and blog showmanship! I picked some soy-rizo up, thinking it would taste like toenails and ass, and whaddya know - it rocked. Keep up the experiemental cooking and blogging. I've already lost 3 pounds... now 47 more to go!

Robert Tracy said...

Gracias and good for you. I used Soyrizo for an enchilada casserole. It's a great meat substitute. I'm impressed with the selection of tofu/soy products at H-E-B; however, they don't have tempeh or seitan (hail, seitan!).