Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pumpkin in Drublic

As far as months go, November usually is great. No complaints so far this year. The dip in the weather, the clothes you dig out from storage and, of course, the food — what a terrific time of year.

I just baked this delicious batch of Pumpkin Pie Brownies for a coworker’s sorta baby shower/celebration at the Trib today. I found the recipe on the Post Punk Kitchen blog and knew it would be a perfect early November Trib treat.

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, but it turned out great. I love Isa’s presentation (more of a pie look), but I mixed the layers together and called it a day.

I also learned a valuable lesson about baking and talking on the phone. Never, and I mean fornever, never (that means you, Andre 3000) tell the person on the other line that you’re making something that tastes awesome unless you can either share said delightful dish or provide a comparable bit of tastiness at a later date. Duly noted and lesson learned, Sash.


www.mmharris.com said...

Punk rock + baby shower brownies? My dear friend, you are a fascinating conundrum.

Robert Tracy said...

Yeah, I'm problematic. Some say tricky. Others say a bona fide jackass. I like those people.

Anonymous said...


Very nice. Good reading, and of course, well laid out and thought out!

I'll make a habit of checking it out regularly.