Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanks and stuff

I have so much to post after a long Thanksgiving break. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed actually celebrating Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving (a rarity for nightside desk editors). Of course, I woulda really liked having Saturday and Sunday off, too, but I digress.

So ... I made a ton of food — some holiday specific, others not so much. More than anything I am incredibly inspired to make more soup. The weather is cold for these parts (temps that Rockfordians consider shorts weather) and my big pot is getting a soup-chili-stew workout. ... But, you’ll have to wait for those, cause I got some turkey to talk about ...

Yes, your veggie friend purchased, cooked, sliced, served and consumed turkey. No, I’m not going back to an omnivore lifestyle. I just wanted to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. And who knows, next year might be a tofurkey year. We’ll see.

Besides the bird, I made standard mashed potatoes but made 'em better with a touch of nutmeg (subtle, but a difference maker), green beans with toasted almond slivers and for dessert, pumpkin pie (store-bought 'cause I could!).

You may ask, “But where are the pictures?” ... And I will answer, “Didn’t bother.” ... I thought about taking shots of the Turkey-Day meal or leftover sandwiches but I passed. I gotta give you something, though, so here are some pics of some good stuff I made before I traveled to Tyler:

These Gingerbread Belgians are further proof that your kitchen is empty unless you have a waffle iron. These tasty holiday hotties are better than Magnolia Cafe’s pancakes (waffles : pancakes :: paper : rock). I’m tellin’ you, folks, I just might need to leave journalism and open a Waffle House.

I also went to town with a cinnamon raisin recipe. First in the oven was the bread. This loaf boosted my breadmaking ego after the not-quite-a-disaster, not-quite-a-success banana loaf. Nope, this bread was moist throughout and was even better as muffins. I will tinker with the recipe for future breads and muffins (next up: Poppyseed and Lemon)


Collin Quick said...

While some of us may wear shorts (mainly the ones you don't want to see in shorts), I would term that kind of weather "non-hoodie weather." These days, it's "hoodie plus pea coat" weather.

Robert Tracy said...

You're right: Waco definitely has some non-hoodie weather goin' on, by Rockford's standards, of course. I wish I could say I miss layering ... however, I'm in a frigid newsroom at the moment, keeping warm with a 16-year-old flannel underneath a wool jacket. I'm not quite ready to slice open a Tonton and cocoon inside, but I'm mentally prepared if it comes to that.

Anonymous said...

We need to talk. There has to be some goods or services I can trade you in order to get some of them Gingerbread things. I love everything gingerbread Whaddaya say? I could cross stitch you something or fold your laundry or serenade you a capella Depeche Mode songs. Your choice:)

Robert Tracy said...

As tempting as your bartered goods and services are — and they are tempting — all you've got to do is ask. ... And so you shall receive. You just lemme know what form — waffle, bread, muffin, cookie, brick — and I'll get down to gingerbread baking. Hell, I might even post up a li'l something 'bout it.