Monday, November 19, 2007

A tribute to Baylor traditions

1. Cheap, fast food for the boys: If you’re in a fraternity you’re probably eating a Gut Pak at Vitek’s Bar-B-Q and picking up a Family Bowl from Fazoli’s.

2. Cheap fast food for the girls: If you’re in a sorority you know the number of steps from campus to McAlister’s for a Giant Spud.

3. Cheap fast food for the unemployed: If you’re in your final or penultimate year of your head football coaching contract (“Peace Out," Guy Morriss), you might want to save those nickels for some homemade alternatives. Read on ...

I made an interesting (read: fairly OKish for most, friggin’ righteous for me) garlicky tomato sauce last week and promptly poured it on everything (namely stuff that couldn’t walk off).

I initially wanted to add tofu but opted to pile in chopped carrots and black olives (my two favorite salad accessories if not foods period). It might sound, um, gross, but the sauce was great and I enjoyed it more on the potato than the penne.

Best of all, this stuff is fast ('cept for the potato), cheap, warm and filling. See, I got your back, GuyMo. Who loves ya, baby?


Unknown said...

Nice looking sauce. Might have to try that some time on the 'tato.

Robert Tracy said...

Thanks. In a pinch I love salsa on spuds, too.