Friday, December 7, 2007

Long December

December is always a little chaotic. Every year is different for everyone, but this year is entirely different for me. It always depends on where I am living, what I’m doing and the same applies for everyone who matters in my world. A lot has happened, and we’re all going to make the best of it.

This year my holiday season started with Thanksgiving in Tyler. Then it’s a quick trip to Phoenix next week, a spin up to Dallas the following week and then back out to Tyler. I wish I could fit Austin, San Angelo and Rockford into the mix, but that’s pushing it. Besides, I have no interest in shoveling snow (sorry, y’all).

Still, I am committed to visiting everyone I haven’t seen this year in 2008. I guess it’s a little early to make a resolution — something I rarely do anyway, and only if there’s something I’m quitting.

Next year will also include another intercontinental tour with my sister. We’re going to spend the better part of two weeks in the UK to see places our 92-year-old Grandmother has only dreamed about seeing. We’ll return with memories, words and pictures for her — the next best thing to her actually going.

What else? I dunno. It’s kind of exciting. I’d like to think love and a home aren’t too far in my future. We shall see. I will keep on moving forward and see where I land.


Collin Quick said...

sure you don't want to visit? the snow is just begging to be shoveled.

ps. nice Counting Crows reference.

Robert Tracy said...

Whew, boy, that's tempting. I'll tell ya, it was a happy day when I dropped off my shovel and assorted frigid weather accessories at the Salvation Army. I must admit that snow is great to look at, especially from 99 E. State St. as it drifts down to a frozen Rock River — "The contrast of white on white."

Collin Quick said...

damn you. you made yet another Crows reference, this time, from a different album. Damn Tracy, did I say you were good? You're good.

Robert Tracy said...

Thank ya, Mr. Quick. I will refrain from further cawing, crowing and snow blowing.