Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My casserole's way more punk than yours

Buying a cook book is a struggle for me. Much like music and pornography, the Internet is filthy with free recipes. Also like porn and music, some recipes are tasteful and others will leave you with visible sores and lesions. You just have to learn which Web sites and cooks you can trust and love unconditionally (warts and all).

Still, it’s nice having a colorful book on my table instead of a sterile print out. Normally I just borrow books from the library. Now would be a good time to apologize to any Wacoans who have wanted to borrow “Vegan with a Vengeance” for the past month. I'm almost done using it. I promise.

Anyway, I picked up a couple of new cook books last week. They were hanging out in the store’s so-cheap-you-can’t-refuse aisle. I quickly picked 'em up, pored over 'em and got to cookin’.

First up: bean and pasta casserole. The name certainly doesn’t inspire. But anytime I see the word casserole I can't help but think of a Guttermouth's song "Casserole of Life" from "Teri Yakimoto." Sample lyric of ingredients: "Hot tubs, cross bows, setting forest fires Styrofoam, TV, Slashing all your tires ...". Classic.

Also, the total cooking and prep time (3 hours!) doesn’t scream “make me now.” Fortunately, I’m a fan of bland and watching paint dry. This entree did take a long time to cook, and it could have benefited from additional spices. At the very least, I will increase the oregano for this dish next time. And I'll probably listen to "Teri Yakimoto" eight times through to pass the time.


Johnny Journo said...

Just because your casserole wears a CBGB shirt it bought at the Hot Topic in Odessa doesn't make it punk, Bob.

Robert Tracy said...

It's a Ramones shirt, Mr. Mister.

Sarah Beth said...

love the blog. added it to my blogroll, hope that's okay. my blog requires an invite to read, but if you shoot me an e-mail with your addy, i'll get an invite over.

hope you're enjoying waco! tell erin q. and the rest hi for me!!