Sunday, January 20, 2008

When I live alone, is there some toast in my house?

One-half of a good weekend is in the books. So, what did I do? Uh, not much really. That’s not true, but the rundown isn’t that interesting.

I blame, in part, the weather. It’s a cold one, which means I’m looking for warm places. That means my choices are bars, stores and coffee shops. Checks on all but the bars.

Back at 615 N. 4th, the best places to stay warm are the kitchen and bedroom uno. Weatherstripping, spaceheaters and window treatments can only do so much for a 90-year-old building.

All this means I’ve made a lot of food in the kitchen. Friday night and Saturday morning were very productive. I’ve baked Almond Quinoa Muffins, Banana Nut Waffles and Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookies.

And finally, I made the No. 1 must-make recipe from V’con: Chickpea Cutlets. Every blogger who owns the book makes and loves ’em. I think somewhere in the back of the book there’s a notice in tiny type that says V’con will self-destruct in 90 days if you don’t make the cutlets. Then Dr. Claw’s henchmen will kidnap Penney and Brain. ...

I upped the recipe by a quarter and paired the cutlets with Herb Scalloped Potatoes and some standard spinach. The meal was excellent. Next time I will make the mustard sauce that everyone gushes about, which, will definitely help the “meat.”

So, today’s Sunday. I’m back to church “shopping.” I took a break after a decent run of trying out places. I am very grateful so many of the churches around here have Web sites. It’s incredibly helpful. I’ve crossed off a few places, which is great ’cause the task of finding the right place would be practically impossible — there must be a thousand churches here. And I’ve only got so many Sundays in a lifetime.

I might even check out the U2charist next weekend. I learned about the concept about a year ago. It’s intriguing and probably the first time it will be done in Waco. At least the music is familiar; but, it seems too gimmicky for me. I’m out if they hand out fly shades.


amtracy05 said...

The waffles look amazing! I'm jealous and hope you'll make some for me some time. Hope you had fun at church.

Collin Quick said...

I'd be pretty sweet if the leader of the band did Bono when Bono was going through his "Fly" phase. You know, the whole half drag queen, half rock star and all weirdo. That make for a good show.

PS. I saw U2 on the Vertigo tour and they started the show by cover the audience in glitter and confetti. It takes balls to do that on your first song.

Robert Tracy said...

ANNE: 10-4 on the waffles. They rock. I plan on making some chocolate (ooh) waffles this week. The nana-nut variety are damn good. Almost as good as the pumpkin. Church was cool (still, not as filling as the waffles).

COLLIN: Seriously, where do you go after glitter and confetti? Only U2 can pull it off and promise more and deliver, night in and night out.

As for this particular U2charist, I fear it will be led by CD, which, is probably OK. Not many people can/should sing U2. I'm thinking drag is unlikely, unless I find something nice to borrow.

wendy said...

I don't know what to expect from this U2charist, but I'm probably gonna go. This is the church I go to when I desperately need to get my communion on. The sermons haven't been that impressive, but it's a nice church and my favorite liberal school board lawyers go there, so at least there's a friendly face or two.

You have to share your Go to (or don't go to) guide of Waco churches w/ me sometime.

Pokey said...

very nice Band of Horses reference. silly.

Robert Tracy said...

It's very difficult to not like a band that names a song (that has nothing to do with basketball) "Detlef Schrempf."