Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let's go bowling this weekend

I’m gonna call this my Saturday/Sunday Soup. It’s lunch and dinner for what used to be my weekend (Wednesday/Thursday) and a celebratory soup for my return to normal weekends.

You might know Saturday/Sunday Soup better as Creamy Tomato Basil (its V’con-given name). I prefer substantial soups (beans, tons of veggies) so I usually would pass on a seemingly just-liquid soup. But this bowl is far more satisfying than a typical bowl of pureed tomatoes. Four potatoes, pureed nicely with the standard crushed tomatoes and flavorful sun-dried variety make this champ a filling cold-weather meal that's perfect for a drafty cottage like mine. Paired with some crusty bread I baked (loose interpretation of a Moosewood biscuit recipe), and I'm set for a weekend of refining my ladling technique — sloppy Holmes, sloppy.


marbargarbo said...

Yay! Is that the no-knead bread? It looks yummy. Way to go Bob! ;D

Robert Tracy said...

Thanks, Margo. This is a different bread. I need to get a bigger oven-proof pot for the no-knead bread.

marbargarbo said...

It still looks yummy. :)

Pokey said...
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