Friday, January 11, 2008

More minis and FU tofu

I’m a better human being in the morning ... well, post-coffee, of course. After that, I’m good to go. I’m more productive and generally happier when the sun’s out. But, who isn’t.

I mention all of this because I am filling in today on the morning desk. It should be just breezy. It’s not like I have to negotiate 30 to 45 pages (tab, but still) today. Nope. How ’bout two fronts and a few inside broadsheets. Cake.

And muffins. Moosewood Restaurant has a bunch of recipe books, and this recipe for basic muffins (I added the blueberries and some lemon juice to make ’em more sunshiney) comes from a book I got for Christmas (thanks, Anne). These freeze OK, but they are great the next day.

Not being a grump in the morning? Sunshiney? What’s goin’ on? Who is this guy? Don’t worry, y’all. It ain’t all “Shiny Happy People” and fluffy bunnies ’round here. There’s still a bit of moody piss-n-vinegar in me. Exhibit A: The worst tofu meal ever. The orange glaze rocked. The couscous was as bland as expected. BUT, the “meat” of the meal was no good. I messed up. Bad. Undercooked? Check. I also effed up by freezing and thawing the ’fu. Also, I most definitely could have done a better job pressing the water out of the stuff. Pictures? Oh no. No chance. Too depressing. I’m not defeated, just deflated. I will try it again. Still, I have reason to believe tofu just isn’t for me. We shall see.


sasha said...

seriously ... i know i said this before ... but really ... who are you and where were you 8-9 yrs ago!

sasha said...


Robert Tracy said...

I say this in all seriousness: I think I'm finally the person I am supposed to be. A better me. To be continued.

Hmmm, eight years ago ... Jan. 13, 2000, four possibilities: Apt. 933, CMA, Sean's or Side Street Bar.

Anonymous said...
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