Friday, January 4, 2008

Two things that matter today

Music: Talent is great, but what really matters is passion. It doesn’t get purer than furious ’80s punk. I’ve got Black Flag, Minor Threat and Fugazi in my brain, and oddly, it all started a few days ago when I overdosed on Rancid (less furious ’90s punk).

Life: I won’t be satisfied until I’m making a difference in people’s lives, contributing to the improvement of my community and feeling a sense of accomplishment (in that order — money is not even close to being a part of the equation). I am hopeful I am on the right track in realizing all of these.


Anonymous said...

You are right on track! Keep your stick on the ice and you'll realize your dreams!

Robert Tracy said...

Thanks. And thanks for reminding me:

Third thing that matters: Good hockey.