Sunday, February 24, 2008

The future's so bright

Word of the day kiddoes: Obsolescence.
It’s an exciting time to be alive when:

1) Your industry — journalism, papers specifically — is gasping for air, grasping at straws, etc.

2) Your society’s way of life is doomed. Cars: oil; planes: oil; food: oil, chemicals, unfair labor and trade; electricity: coal ...

3) I’m angry, outraged and determined at times (right now, for instance). In an hour, I’ll probably be content, driving 5 miles to get a cup of coffee. This is a problem.


Collin Quick said...

These past couple of weeks, Lisa has been talking to people in the office under 34 and letting us vent about work. It's the 35@35 study. She just sent us the results. They ring pretty true. We're scared, but we're still going. Stop the multimedia push every damn minute and focus on the paper, damnit.

Robert Tracy said...

Exactly. I think 35@35 is a great idea — kudos to Lisa and y'all for realizing the tension and talking about it.

Anonymous said...

for real.
stop writing about food.
i have access only to a fridge, microwave, and a sad parody of "soul food" that the caf is serving in honor of BHM.

you try eating mass produced grits.


good news.
in addition to london, paris, and amsterdam...this summer's travels may include Austin.
Texas that is.

Call for details.

in the meantime, i'm breaking out the lyle lovett.

(that's right i'm not from texas, but texas wants me anywayyyyyyyy)


wendy said...

#1 is really freaking me out lately, like, hug your blanket a little tighter and wonder what the hell you're going to do with your life level of freaking out.

When that happens, I try to push it out of my head and I go for a drive to get a cup of coffee. Oh shit, you mean that's a bad thing?
Have I mentioned I cant make coffee?