Monday, February 4, 2008

Mardi Gras tastes terrible

I don’t care what you say — Mardi Gras is garbage. Be it a pseudo-celebration like last Saturday’s rich-folk fun ($100 tickets!!!) in downtown Waco or the real deal New Orleans bash, it’s all bunk. Rubbish. Hogwash. F’real. Why, why, why do we celebrate Mardi Gras when we could be celebrating Shrove Tuesday, aka, PANCAKE TUESDAY?!?!

That’s right, folks. Pan-freakin-cake Tuesday. It’s the greatest thing I’ve learned about all year. It’s magnificent. It’s hands down the tastiest holiday ever. Period.

Sigh. ... Sadly, I won’t be celebrating Pancake Tuesday in style this year. I desperately want to be a part of this grand day that I knew nothing about 4 hours ago. I do, I do, I do. However, I must practice restraint. I need to be practical. I need to get my freezer off my back. It’s screaming at me to plow through some wobbly stacks of Belgian waffles. Defeated. By a demanding kitchen appliance.

Wait a minute. How about this: Is it possible Ash Wednesday and Waffle Wednesday can coexist? Sure. Why not. I like it. Check it: I’ll hold off on the waffles for a day. That’ll work. And, don’t cancel your Mardi Gras plans. You can be in flapjack heaven and all boozy today, too. You bring the Stolichnaya syrup 'cause we’re gonna make a mean ol’ pile of alco-rific potato pancakes.


Pokey said...

whoa. whoa. whoa. three whoa's. Pancake day. so genius. and...THAT'S why my mom and dad made us go to IHOP once a year. go big, Pancake. wear your t-shirt, use your mug, read your children's books, have some potato pancakes, swedish pancakes, gingerbread pancakes, crepes, flap your jacks and douse yourself in organic maple syrup. yes. but oh how i wish Pancake could celebrate Pancake Day with me here.

Robert Tracy said...

Y'know, I almost wore the shirt today, and that was before I found out about Pancake Day.

IHOP sounds ... surprisingly good right now. I wish I were hungry. There's one right down the street from me, I'm about to end my shift and I'd totally devastate a short stack. Too bad. Maybe I'll get a booth tomorrow. Maybe. The booth will certainly lack the charm of any that we've shared in RFD/Cherry Valley. No doubt about it. Now, where's my monkey bowl?

Pokey said...

i have no Pancake attire, otherwise i'd go all out. today is my short shift and IHOP is right around the corner. i'll be grabbing a booth tonight, but there's no one here that enjoys pancakes or really knows the power of pancakes and restaurant booths. i might go it alone. a few days ago i found out a possible 'legend' about the monkey dish. ages ago, that size of a dish was originally made from a monkey's skull, hence..Monkey Dish. i prefer the other meaning much, much better.

Robert Tracy said...

That Monkey Dish definition is creepy. It make me think of "Temple of Doom" ... chilled monkey brains and snake surprise.

Enjoy your international pancake experience.