Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thank you, thank you very much

Dusting off a Foreman grill might be the greatest thing that’s happened in my kitchen all year. Silly me, I relegated the “lean- mean” mutha to the cupboard for years. I neglected it because I no longer lived on burgers and dogs. Sure, there are faux alternatives, but I'm lazy — that bastard grill is never a joy to clean.

Inspired by my father's grillin' successes, Jorge and I are back in business, and I’m making all kinds of ridiculous grilled sandwiches and burgers. It really helps for black bean burgers and chickpea cutlets I normally would fry (gross) or bake (time consuming). On a lark, I even made an Elvis-style grilled PB and Banana sandwich. It goes straight to the top of my guilty pleasures list.


Pokey said...

first of all, the Foreman is a necessary invention. Grillers Prime in 10 minutes, crispy and hot, with little clean up afterwards. i can't imagine frying them or baking them.

second of all, i tried the Elvis PB and Banana once. i thought i'd honor his birthday and indulge. i got through half of half a sandwich and suddenly felt a lump in my throat and a battle going on in my stomach. basically, i couldn't stomach it. i guess i'm just lucky i didn't remember to put bacon on it too.

wendy said...

The sandwich looks great (though I ususally make a full mushy mix of the 2). But what really interests me is the pretty plate that your sandwich rests upon.

Foodie extraordinaire, magnificent taste in music AND an appreciation for flowery plates?

You rock, Bob. plain and simple.

Robert Tracy said...

It ain't a pretty sammich, and it certainly isn't suitable for most tastebuds. I convulse thinking about adding bacon. Blargh!

A mushy mix sounds aiight. ... Credit where credit's due: My frugal nature defines my selection of plates and bowls (that plate's about 20 years old). Yowzers!

Two exclamation points from me? Oh yeah, it's definitely past my bedtime.