Wednesday, February 6, 2008

An imperfect perfect plate

As much as I like waffles (L’Eggo My Eggo tattoo on my stomach — Garamond CAPS, sucka), there’s nothing more satisfying than pancakes.

An incredibly wise man informed the masses earlier this week of a high holy day for fans of the P-Cake (you’re welcome, Mike D).

Sure waffles are great, but there’s nothing to making ’em. Waffle iron is to skillet as tricycle is to Triumph Scrambler. It’s fairly difficult to screw up waffles. Pancake makin’, however, is a different story. There’s nothing more humbling than burnin’ a misshapen, imperfect pancake. It’s glorious, yet, no less delicious.

I had a satisfying pancake dinner Tuesday and breakfast rocked this morning. The V’con’s Cornmeal Blueberry Pancakes recipe is easy enough to augment for chocolate-chocolate chip, gingerbread, banana, etc. A new staple is born.

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Pokey said...

those are pretty pancakes. and...nice t-shirt.. :)