Friday, March 14, 2008

Hey, revolver

There were a couple of remarkable moments yesterday that reminded me of, well, me. They mostly revolved around music and the stuff I dug in the formative listening years (roughly 10 to 16).

Sure, my tastes have evolved, but yesterday I was happy I spent some quality time "back in the day" with vinyl, cassette and CDs that came packaged in long cardboard boxes (what a waste of resources) ... in no particular order: The Clash, The Pumpkins, "The Moz". It's the stuff that got me here.

When I was 13, I wanted nothing more than to sound and look exactly like Chris Cornell. Was that too much to ask for?

I'm listening to Soundgarden right now ("Badmotorfinger," as I said I would last night), and lovin' it all over again. It's not really a classic, but it was/is important. Some things (music, jeans, Chucks) suit me anytime of day, everyday, no mater how old or uncool they are. They're enjoyable. I can't worry if something is popular or "right." I'll find faults if I look hard enough. I will trust my instincts and enjoy and move with life's curves.

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