Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good game, eh

The Stars played mighty clutch last night. I didn't stay awake for the third period like I said I would, subsequently missing the chance to hoot and holler with some liquored Lewisvillians (Lewisvillites or, sinisterly, Lewisvillains) at a pub. Stars' win, my loss. Brendan Morrow, you officially are a great captain, sir. My apologies for hanging on to the "you're-no-D-Hatcher" line of thinking.

In vaguely related hockey news, I gotta stop listening to old-ass music. Is it just me, or does anyone else have the following song runnin' through his or her head when they're watching hockey, bull riding or bass fishing on the worldwide leader of fringe sports, Versus?

I adore the early '90s video production sensibilities: This video is made entirely of clips from live footie and "Jeremy" snippets that were used in videos from "Ten."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Roberto, il bastardo pigro

This here is what we in the biz call getting more outta your bloggin' buck.

Lazy? You bet. But check it: I cooked up a big ol' meal, ate it and did the dishes. The way I see it, I had some well-earned slackin' headed my way.

Sure, you could argue I didn't grow the veggies or make the 'guine from scratch. Thanks for pointing that out. Really. Thanks.

No, I just bought the vittles at the Old Town Lewisville Farmers Market and Sprouts. Shoot me for being resourceful, Holmes. And now, shameless self-promotion of the ol' career blog! Right about ... wait. for. it. wait. for. it. wait ... NOW!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Words x 1,000 =

Damn! I love being back in Dallas. The spring view in front of the DMN.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The return

It's been too long, y'all. But I'm back and a whole helluva lot has happened. Too much, in fact.

Suffice it to say this transition hasn't been seamless and smoove like a well-poured C-ment pond. Nope. It's been about as warped as the Clown Ramp at Bachman Lake Skate Park (waaay back, back, back in the day).

No details about the drama. Sorry. I'm over it. Movin' on. However, I will tell you this: One suspicious, eco-friendly shopper carrying and filling a black canvas bag at Albertson's merits the dispatch of no fewer than three Lewisville squad cars. No produce, publishing employees or police officers were harmed. Just some cold embarrassment for all.

What else? Well, that's gotta wait. You can catch up on some schtuff at my profile on neighborsgo. You'll find a few posts from your truly. And truly, you should create your own profile ... if you love me.