Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good game, eh

The Stars played mighty clutch last night. I didn't stay awake for the third period like I said I would, subsequently missing the chance to hoot and holler with some liquored Lewisvillians (Lewisvillites or, sinisterly, Lewisvillains) at a pub. Stars' win, my loss. Brendan Morrow, you officially are a great captain, sir. My apologies for hanging on to the "you're-no-D-Hatcher" line of thinking.

In vaguely related hockey news, I gotta stop listening to old-ass music. Is it just me, or does anyone else have the following song runnin' through his or her head when they're watching hockey, bull riding or bass fishing on the worldwide leader of fringe sports, Versus?

I adore the early '90s video production sensibilities: This video is made entirely of clips from live footie and "Jeremy" snippets that were used in videos from "Ten."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feed from the Shark tank. I missed the entire game so it was great to see Morrow stick it in goal in OT.

marbargarbo said...

This totally has nothing to with your post BUT — what do you think about the polygamist compound in San Angelo??? Those are your old stomping grounds, no? Do you have friends covering that. It's crazy, and so very sad. :(

Robert Tracy said...

The FLDS started building YFZ in Eldorado while I worked in Angelo. We covered it then and the paper has stayed on the story ever since. We always feared that the group would go down shooting or worse. Thankfully, that's didn't happen. I'm proud of the Standard-Times' coverage. As you can imagine, its Web site is getting ridiculous traffic. It's a less-than positive story to hang your city's hat on, but important. It is absolutely crazy. I'm concerned for those kids and how they're being shuffled about and separated.