Monday, April 7, 2008

The return

It's been too long, y'all. But I'm back and a whole helluva lot has happened. Too much, in fact.

Suffice it to say this transition hasn't been seamless and smoove like a well-poured C-ment pond. Nope. It's been about as warped as the Clown Ramp at Bachman Lake Skate Park (waaay back, back, back in the day).

No details about the drama. Sorry. I'm over it. Movin' on. However, I will tell you this: One suspicious, eco-friendly shopper carrying and filling a black canvas bag at Albertson's merits the dispatch of no fewer than three Lewisville squad cars. No produce, publishing employees or police officers were harmed. Just some cold embarrassment for all.

What else? Well, that's gotta wait. You can catch up on some schtuff at my profile on neighborsgo. You'll find a few posts from your truly. And truly, you should create your own profile ... if you love me.


Inks said...

Dear Mr. Tracy:

A few ruffians from your scandalous Waco past will be in the Dallas area to watch a Rangers
game on Wednesday, April 9. We will accept your attendance for this tomfoolery as payment in full for our continued withholding of certain INCRIMINATING PHOTOGRAPHS of yourself and a not-to-be-named statue of a Texas Ranger.

We'll have our representatives call you upon our arrival. I trust you shall comport yourself accordingly.

Miss u! <3


Pokey said...

i love you, but it seems i don't have time to sit and agonize about a new online 'profile'. maybe soon when i have a couple days off. i am curious (as always) as to what happened to make your transition not so smoove. i'll leave it at curiosity for now. oh...i gots wheels. 4 of them, in fact, sitting underneath an old Jeep Cherokee Laredo. patience. it paid off. it may not make it cross country...but it'll get me to Rock Cut when i need to climb some small hills.

Robert Tracy said...

Methinks the hometown ballclub will have its collective ass handed to it by the Baltimore Birds with Batting Sticks. In addition, the Arlington athletic organization will have to contend with a mighty wind ... and rain, sleet, moths and snuffleupagi falling from the heavens.


Robert Tracy said...

I can't blame you for not adding to your profiles. I still am proud of anyone who gives up "theirspace."

Congrats on el coche. I loved my Jeeps. You'd do well to do the same. Say alo to RCSP and its dainty undulations for me.

Sarah Beth said...

hey bob-o. on a totally random note, i heard some of the new polyphonic spree and you're right, i did like it.

oh, and congrats on your dallas move. hope it rocks.

Robert Tracy said...

The Spree is all about random. Random and awesome. Thanks, Sarah.