Monday, April 21, 2008

Roberto, il bastardo pigro

This here is what we in the biz call getting more outta your bloggin' buck.

Lazy? You bet. But check it: I cooked up a big ol' meal, ate it and did the dishes. The way I see it, I had some well-earned slackin' headed my way.

Sure, you could argue I didn't grow the veggies or make the 'guine from scratch. Thanks for pointing that out. Really. Thanks.

No, I just bought the vittles at the Old Town Lewisville Farmers Market and Sprouts. Shoot me for being resourceful, Holmes. And now, shameless self-promotion of the ol' career blog! Right about ... wait. for. it. wait. for. it. wait ... NOW!


Collin Quick said...

Bob on the next Top Chef?

I can see it.

Robert Tracy said...

Anything's possible.

Anonymous said...

Scrumptious, dude!