Monday, January 16, 2012

Fair to compare?

In the past few days, I received some comments that I look just like ________. While it's fairly rare that someone mentions that I look like so-and-so celebrity, this isn't a completely new phenomenon. As I mentioned in a Waco days post, children of 4 years ago thought I resembled Eminem. Any skinny white guy wearing a bandana is a reasonable approximation of Marshall Mathers. I'm good with that. But I digress. Back to those recent comparisons.

First, the one I can sorta/kinda see — Steve Carrell. I'm told our mannerisms are similar. I can see that. I have an expressive face; he has an expressive face.

Second, the one that I have a harder time seeing/accepting — Steve Jobs. Perhaps I can't see it because he was such an icon and a visionary I respect immensely. Sure, the glasses, the laugh lines, the smile ... I guess I see it.

It's just bizarre to be compared to two completely different Steves in a matter of days. I rarely receive these types of comments/compliments. But really, these comparisons don't bother me; I find them interesting. They say a good bit about the people who are making the comparisons and how they see me. On top of that, the thought of Steve Carrell portraying Steve Jobs makes me smile. I could see it.

Who do you favor? Who do people think you look like?


That Pink Girl said...

Hmm, since I don't know you well I'm not sure I could take a guess as to who YOU favor. Maybe Steve Carrell, I don't see Jobs. But maybe because I think of him as an older guy - you aren't old!
Back in a day, when she was a Maniac, Imuswd to get told Natalie Merchant. It's the long dark hair. Lately, I get Lisa Loeb - it's the glasses for sure. (and possibly the Hello Kitty penchant)

Robert Tracy said...

I can see the resemblance — Merchant and especially Loeb (accessories make all the difference sometimes). But do you sing like them? :-)