Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fit to be tied

Yep, I paired a pink tie with a military overcoat.
I recommend you deal with it.
I work at an extremely laid-back office. We have a DJ who pumps music throughout MultiView's several-floor operation in Irving. Standard office attire is jeans, T-shirts and tennis shoes. Some of the women tend to dress up a bit more; but it's still nothing like a standard office.

Every now and then, we class it up, like this Tuesday — "Tie Tuesday," when all the guys had to wear ties and all the gals needed to get dressy. My friend Shawn went all out; he wore a tux ... and looked like a waiter at a French restaurant. I have an entire closet dedicated to slacks, dress shirts, ties and suits (no tux or tuxedo shirt) that I've mostly neglected for 9 months; so I welcomed Tie Tuesday.

The mandate and chilly temps gave me the perfect reason to finally wear my new-old coat — an authentic 1943 ACB Stockholm topcoat worn by Swedish Air Force officers during World War II. It's wool, it's warm and it's one of the coolest gifts I've received. Style-wise, I've been a fan of double-breasted coats since 1993, which is exactly when I started watching "The Late Show with David Letterman." I think it's a classic look. The design elements I appreciate the most on this coat are the buttons, which are marked with Sweden's Tre Kroner insignia.  

It's almost been 6 years since my awesome trip to Sweden to attend a wedding with my sister. This coat reminds me of a fun vacation to a country where I ... a. felt extremely short (Swedish men are all 6' 8" ... look it up); b. hung out with a world-class athlete for the first time (Olympic gold-medalist and World Cup champ downhill skier Anja P√§rson, the bride's sister); and c. last willingly ate meat (reindeer jerky = gross).


That Pink Girl said...

Very cool coat! I recently learned that trench coats were developed during WW I for trench warfare. The thickness made it diffucult to penetrate with a knife. Who says "Pawn Stars" isn't educational tv?
Reindeer jerky huh? Better than the blood pudding those Swedes are so fond of!

Robert Tracy said...

Thanks! Love the history that "Pawn Stars" brings to the table. Who'd a thought?!