Monday, January 2, 2012

Two quick things | 01.02.12

Volunteering: On Sunday, I spent the better part of six hours at the New Years Double in Allen. I love running races, but volunteering at a race is great, too. I saw frunners from November's Donkey Ride (a scenic Collin County road cycling route that features all manner of animals, including, yep, you guessed it, donkeys) and loved seeing the finishers' tired faces beam when they received their hard-earned loot — dig those damn swanky challenge plates.

Northshore: Miles of unpaved perfection.
Trails: Oh, man, this 9-day holiday break has spoiled me. In addition to hitting up RCP, I ran Northshore at Lake Grapevine a few days ago (I am officially hooked on trail running) and celebrated the reopening of Cedar Hill State Park's trails with a couple of 12-mile loops on the ol' hardtail today. CHSP is fast-fast-fast in the prairie sections (save some incredibly rutty spots and a few burrows) and mostly tacky throughout most sections ... but it's super-muddy in areas with significant tree coverage, e.g., Poison Ivy Alley, Bush's Secret Garden and Rattlesnake Alley. Barring any precipitation, the entire trail system should be perfect by the weekend.

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