Sunday, February 26, 2012

When plans change for the better

To be certain, those are professional hockey players skating in Dallas, not runners of varying abilities running in Fort Worth. Loui Eriksson scored the game-winner in OT ...  Scott Downard was disqualified at Cowtown.
This was supposed to be a post about the Cowtown Marathon. I hadn't signed up to run or volunteer, so I wasn't fully committed to making the trip. But what I ended up doing was ... not waking up early today, not driving out to Fort Worth, not cheering for runners and not taking pictures with my super-nice, super-neglected camera. All those "nots" bugged me at first; however, it's not like I did nothing today.

Tom Fox shot some exceptional
 for this section.
Prediction: This excellent
graphic by Michael Hogue
(first page of a great doubletruck)
will earn many awards, including
SND honors. 
First, I slept in. I needed this. Then I read an excellent special section on the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge in today's The Dallas Morning News. (Sidenotes: I am very much looking forward to this Saturday's events — even though the bridge won't officially open until the end of March, and the team of reporters, editors, photographers and graphic artists did an outstanding job on the coverage).

Instead of standing for hours at the race, I rode 40 miles before heading out to the Stars game. A few years back, the AAC was like a second home; I split season tickets with a friend, and loved having so many fun nights watching my favorite sport. The good guys with a so-so record shocked the defending Western Conference champion Vancouuuuuuuver Canucks, 3-2 (OT).

So yeah, I packed in some good stuff today. And, truthfully, I would have been in a hurry to get back in time from the marathon. I'm much happier when I am not in a rush, trying to do too much. I enjoy being busy, but I know my limits. Does anyone thrive when their cup is overflowing?

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