Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tunesday: "Comeback Kid," Sleigh Bells

It's called noise pop, and you either really like it or intensely hate it.

This track is from "Reign of Terror," which hits stores today (the "Comeback Kid" single has been on iTunes for awhile). And yes, you did just see the band on "Saturday Night Live" (lackluster performance by the band, if you ask me)  And yes, you can stream the album, courtesy of The New York Times.

For me, a little bit of Sleigh Bells goes a long way. Mixing distorted guitars, distorted drum machine beats, cheerleader chant-screaming and breathy vocals, Derek Miller (was in a hardcore band) and Alexis Krauss (was in a girl group) are an unlikely pairing that works, but only in small doses. Listening to their first full-length album, "Treats," in its entirety gives me a headache.

Moderation is a sweet thing, and that's why "Comeback Kid" makes it onto my Shuffle's playlist. It's a short song with a good vocal melody and rapid-fire drums. And how about that video. Strange, right? The low-budget piece was shot in Miller's home state of Florida. As The Palm Beach Post reports, the bed scenes were shot in Miller's mom's bedroom in Jupiter, Fla., (that's his rifle, BTW), and the grocery scene (weak "Breakfast Club" fist-pump tribute) was shot in Stuart, Fla.

Also worth adding to a running playlist: "Infinity Guitars" from "Treats"

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