Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tunesday: "I Am the Morning," Oceansize

What we have here is a slow burner by a Brit band I stumbled upon about a decade ago at SXSW. I literally chose to attend Oceansize's showcase because of their name. I assumed (correctly) that they were Jane's Addiction fans (some day, I will write about "Ocean Size"). Buuuuut, Oceansize really doesn't sound much like Jane's. Probably more like Muse married to Spiritualized.

A couple of odd things about this song. First, if memory serves me, it's the only instrumental track on the group's debut album, "Effloresce" (beautiful and suitable title for the record). Second, it's in 3/4 — waltz time ain't the most rock 'n' roll meter out there. "I Am the Morning"grows/swells beautifully and ends too soon (note: on the record, it fades and abruptly transitions into "Catalyst," which is very Tool-ish).

Terrible song to run to: "Black Dog," Led Zeppelin
As Cameron Crowe wrote in the liner notes for "The Complete Studio Recordings," bassist John Paul Jones intentionally set out to write a song that would be too complex and involved to dance/groove to. If you attempt to run to this song, Robert Plant will continue to write music with T. Bone Burnett instead of reuniting Zep with Dave Grohl on drums. Oh, and you'll probably lose a toenail or two as you fail to keep a steady stride.

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