Monday, March 26, 2012

Thoughts on a decent half marathon

At this point — mile 7 on Mockingbird — there were a couple of things going through my mind: 1. Maybe I won't DNF and 2. I'm really glad I got the blue shirt/dark shorts memo like the two dudes in front of me. ... Lots of thanks to frunner That Pink Girl for cheering at one of the 500 hills (check out her fun cheering recap) and taking this photo. 

On Sunday, I (and about 12,000 of my close, personal friends) ran 13.1 miles at the Dallas Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon. While I didn't PR (2:00:06, over 10 minutes slower than my time at the Texas Half), I had a good time running a challenging course in "hot" weather. Some recap thoughts:

1. I would have never considered late-March temps in the 70s hot ... that is until I ran this race. Limited shade on the back-half of the course didn't help.

2. No one will confuse Dallas for the Hill Country any time soon. BUT, this was a hilly course.

3. Salt packets saved my life. I diluted a couple in water and Gatorade (pretty gross), and even emptied some directly in my mouth. Just typing that makes me want a glass of water.

4. I saw the Ticket's Craig Miller cheering on Skillman Street, near Cosmo's before mile 10.  In case you didn't know, he's a great cyclist who sorta-kinda-totally killed a 3:29 in his first marathon in 2007. Read about his marathon experiences at his blog.

5. I would die a happy man if I never run another race that ends at Fair Park. The final stretch for races ending in Fair Park is not pleasant.

6. I drank a beer during the race. This is something I recommend everyone do at least once. Thanks to Runners Drink Beer for the hook up (read that fun group's recap).

7. As a musician who has played in a bunch of bands at a bunch of strange events and venues, I must commend the local groups for performing. I especially liked the bassist for the band near mile 10 — he played well while running backwards right near me for 20 yards (he had a wireless transmitter). Pretty cool.

8. The headlining act — former American Idol contestant James Durbin — was awful. RNR would have done better by picking a good local group or even a cover band. Durbin's brand of rock is best categorized as a PG version of Buckcherry (with whom he's touring).

9. Even though I didn't race as well as I wanted to, I am glad I finished without injury and I learned more about racing in the process. Can't wait until the OKC Memorial Marathon in about a month!


That Pink Girl said...

#3 Have you tried Endurolyte tabs? Salt & electrolytes. I don't tolerate sports drinks while moving - I get sloshy gut. But these really help with the salt issue and they don't taste!
#5 YES. (except I don't plan on dying as a man, happy or not) At least DWRM is moving back downtown this year. Hooray!
#8 Agreed. Although a few years ago they had Better Than Ezra and I pretty much parked my swas on the ground until they were done!
OKC is getting close...I think your race number is a hint 26.2! (0 being the decimal, natch)

Robert Tracy said...

I have considered Endurolyte — practically every time I see them at a shop — but haven't bought any. I usually don't drink sports drinks either — just gels and water. The salt packets were a race first for me. I've tasted worse things and they did the trick ... but I can see Endurolyte in my future. ... I was coerced to attend a Better Than Ezra show "back in the day" (1998) at Liberty Lunch in Austin. I had a very low opinion of them at the time, but I was impressed by the end of the show. ... Nice number observation!