Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tunesday: "Hustlin," Rick Ross

Today's choice is clearly different than my usual Tuesday selection. First, I only have a small understanding of Rick Ross and his music. What I do know: a. He's a former corrections officer who now sings songs glamorizing the drug trade. b. That fact has made him the subject of ridicule to several rappers, especially 50 Cent.

So ... yeah, I don't make it a habit to listen to a lot of Rick Ross' music. Tales of slanging yayo/llello aren't the kind of songs I seek out; but this one, however, is something I hear practically every other day at work (note: the company I work for, MultiView, has a full-time DJ we call the MJ). "Hustlin" is a popular track with the sales team. They'll sing along to certain parts (Whip it, whip it, real hard), which cracks me up.

Honorable mention in this category: "Strange Clouds," B.o.B., featuring Lil Wayne

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