Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tunesday: "Time For Livin," Beastie Boys

I've been listening to Beastie Boys' "Check Your Head" for 20 damn years. It's a vital album. It best reflects the guys' biggest and earliest musical influences — punk and hip-hop.

First, a little history lesson. This is the B-Boys' take on a Sly and the Family Stone tune. No, seriously. It is. Cool, huh? Also, I think this is the first video the Beasties did with Spike Jonze (he of "Sabotage," "Being John Malkovich" and "Jackass" fame). Jonze started out shooting stills and videos of skaters (note: he is part owner of Girl Skateboards ... could be Mike Carroll and Rick Howard skating in this video).

Anyway, this song never fails to get me hyped. I used to play this track before every singing audition back in the day. I even started writing the words "Time For Livin" on my hands on audition day. Nowadays it's just an energizing lightning bolt that is ideal for running hill repeats or busting through an em-effin' brick wall to twart bank robbers and quench thirst.

Terrible song to run to: "Netty's Girl," Beastie Boys 
Quite simply, it's too damn funny. "And she had her shit to-GEH-tha." 1:53-2:20 = gold (LOL at Money Mark's face at 2:13).

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That Pink Girl said...

Oh my yes. Beasties are #1 in my book and have been since I wore out my cassingle of "Brass Monkey" all those years ago. And while I have EVERY album they've ever released (AND the DVD set of all their videos) Check Your Head is hands down my favorite. Jimmy James! Pass the Mic! And of course, So Watcha Want?!
Loved growing up with the BBoys. Their music has matured right along with them yet never slowed down. I'm really enjoying Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2!