Saturday, March 10, 2012

SXSW Music edition, Part One

The SXSW Music festival kicks off March 13. As a UT alum and former 6th Street musician, I harbor great memories of the annual all-things awesome music event. It's hard to believe I haven't attended or performed at SXSW in exactly 10 years.

This shocking fact will be fixed some day (next year?); but on this 10-year anniversary since the 2002 edition, I am offering five awesome songs to run to by four texas artists and one Brit I saw that year (that's today's post); and on Tuesday, I'll hit you up with five awesome songs to run to by bands I would see this year.

Easily my favorite video of this song because it:  a. captures the band's ebullient stage presence; b. shows how great a showman Tim DeLaughter is (such a beautiful talent, and dig that Japanese sun on his robe); and c. showcases Flower Mound/UNT product Andrew Tinker (French horn/vocals) 

Yes, you've heard this song everywhere — Scrubs, The Lorax, VW/Apple. But I heard this song during the Spree's show at Stubb's that year, and — not trying to sound too dramatic — it changed my life (and yes, I have written about the Spree a lot). March of 2002, I was going on 4 months of being unemployed (fresh journalism degree and no job prospects). This song, and really the entire set, made me smile and dance for the first time during that depressing period. And, about a month later, I landed my first job at the San Angelo Standard Times. When this song comes on during a run, a smile instantly appears and I get the urge to hug everybody I pass (y'know, kinda like Judah). Any pain or desire to shorten a long run ceases.

Endochine: One of Austin's best bands from the early '00s that never "made it." On "Fire," the band is honing its sound — a tribute to Foo Fighters' and Bends era RH's styles. The group's second album features a sound more reminiscent of Coldplay (you may remember a few of those "Day Two" tracks on "One Tree Hill" and JC Penney commercials). In 2002, the band had a proper video for this song, which I saw often on Austin Music Network (damn, another R.I.P.) when I'd take a break from sending out resumes/portfolios and searching for jobs. Anyway, I saw this band crush it at Red Eye Fly. Nowadays, I crush it when "Fire" pops up during a run (20 miles in 3 hours on Friday, in fact).

Ah yes, Cruiserweight. Brothers/sister team (Urny, Yogi and Stella) ruled. I saw them play all over the damn place, including Jester dorm at UT. At SXSW 2002, they played Emo's (R.I.P., original Emo's) And how about this video? This is the type of house party I fondly remember attending and playing. And, finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't say I adored Stella. How cute is she? Anyway, good memories and a good song to sing and run to simultaneously (y'know, cause it's like keeping a conversational pace and it strengthens your abs and diaphragm.

Oceansize, "I Am the Morning": Check out that post from weeks ago.

Unfortunately, there isn't a quality live video of Soulhat performing this track; either the audio is crap, the performance is weak or it's not the extended version of the track. So here's a video with the album audio paired with irrelevant images.

One of my favorite bands from my ATX days, namely because Timado (my college band), opened up for these great guys several times. It's cool Soulhat is still performing, even Frosty is back behind the drums. Johnny Walker at KLBJ-FM used to play this song every Friday at 5 p.m. It's almost 9 minutes long, so it gets me through well over a mile of running. That's good value for your dollar, my friends (Note, you actually cannot buy the extended version of the song on iTunes, just the 5:22 track. That sucks, right?)

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