Sunday, March 18, 2012

Overtraining for OKC, the best LBS, Texas Half 2013 heads west

After a fantastic Friday and Saturday (highlight: seeing a superb Dallas Symphony Orchestra performance that The Dallas Morning News critic Scott Cantrell called strange but compelling), today I successfully resisted the urge to log serious running miles.

First, I should probably let y'all know that I am training for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. So I am back into the swing of accruing serious mileage each week — 35-40-ish, depending on how I feel.

And that last word — FEEL — is an important one. See, last Wednesday, I felt good after work. Good enough to decide I could run 15 miles in the warm/humid mess that is March in Dallas. This, my friends, was a bad idea. I ran well; I felt good, although I could have used an extra sodium-infused energy gel to offset all the sweating.

After this kind of exertion, I usually feel tired and have no problem sleeping (after rehydrating and eating, of course). This was not the case. I tossed and turned the entire night; I "slept" two hours and I felt like an absolute space cadet at work on Thursday. I couldn't understand what was wrong with me. Ah, but Rachael did. She has run more races than I've drank beers. She also has coached runners. Which means she has a lot of experience and knowledge I don't have ... such as awareness of overtraining.

Basically, I was overdoing it, and my body let me have it. One restless evening was my body's way of telling me to slow down, take a break.  So that's what I am doing. I went for an easy bike ride this morning. I won't run again until Sunday's Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon. I'm hopeful that I'll set another PR, but more than anything, I want to have fun running, see friends and not overdo it. The bigger goal is kicking ass at the OKC marathon at the end of April. As long as I stay focused, listen to my body and others' sage advice, I am confident I can do that.

Bicycles Plus
I recently wrote about lousy service at local bike shops. The urge to call out the offending shops was strong, but I resisted. I also noted that there is one shop that I really like but didn't namecheck. I'm fixing that today by professing Bicycles Plus at Snider Plaza my official go-to LBS.

What makes this shop so good? Let me describe yesterday's visit for a drop-off tuneup:

• The shop was crowded, not slammed. But certainly busy. At any other shop, I would have been lucky to have an employee acknowledge my presence within 5 minutes. At Bicycles Plus, I waited two minutes before I talked to the first shop employee.
• I bought my bike here, so minor fixes/tuneups are on the house. When I told the employee what was wrong (loose crankset that I can't tweak because I don't have the right tools), he said he would fix it in 10 minutes. He did it in 5. (Side note: Two other shop employees asked if they could help me while I waited and walked around the store). Better yet, if I had dropped it off, he said it probably would have sat until Wednesday.

So yeah, it's a great shop with an array of brands (bikes and gear). And no, even though it is in the heart of University Park, it is not filled with the folks that are on the ridiculous "GCB."

Texas Half 2013
The 2012 edition of the race was a mess (For me, not half-bad; for others, half-ass). It appears the race organizers are addressing participants' complaints about parking trouble because next year's race is heading west: start/finish will be at the Irving Convention Center. The Texas Half site doesn't offer many details. The race will be Feb. 3, the DART rail Orange Line should be open (fingers crossed) and there will be plenty of free parking. The site says the 5K and 13.1 routes are TBA. No word on whether there will be plenty of medals for finishers (yes is the only acceptable answer).

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That Pink Girl said...

It's better to be 10% undertrained than 1% overtrained.
A lot of people wiser than myself are credited with this statement. Glad you were able to recongnize the the signs and back off just in time for your race.
Don't discount this heat and humidity - it makes training a whole new game for sure. Drink up (water of course), rest up and kill it on Sunday!
(you might spot me spectating; I'll be in a pink cape, truth)