Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tunesday: "My Mathematical Mind," Spoon

Anyone else think singer/guitarist Britt Daniel looks like a cross between Gary Busey and Mick Jones of the Clash?

I can't find the appropriate words to describe how amped I am to see Spoon on Thursday at the Granada. Despite having lived in Austin while the band lived and played there regularly, I've never seen Spoon perform live. The closest I've come to Britt Daniel and Co.'s genius was talking shop with former Spoon bassist Joshua Zarbo (now with Monahans) when he briefly worked at the Bass Emporium in Austin. (Sidenote: If you are a Texas bassist and you haven't visited this bass-only shop, you're doing it wrong.)

What makes "My Mathematical Mind" awesome is the piano part. It's that simple. Although the track starts with the funky downbeat right hand pattern, it's the steady G octave notes played by the left hand that are the anchor of this 3/4 track. The distorted, staccato guitar jumps in and out en route to a chaotic solo as that piano rhythm holds everything together, which affords Zarbo the freedom to walk around the scale with his bass line.  

Bonus: If you haven't downloaded Spoon's most recent effort, 2010's "Transference," you can get it for $5 at Amazon throughout the month of April.

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