Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Photo Friday

What you're currently salivating over is the Portabella Mushroom Hotpress Sandwich from Dallas Bicycle Cafe, my new favorite spot in my hood. I've hit up the cafe a few times now. I can vouch it's great for vegetarians and people watching (basic math means it is super-bitchin' for watching vegetarians). The 'bella was a little undercooked, but I give mad respect to DBC for the toppings selection. The quinoa and couscous bowls — filled with well-prepped tofu (chicken or fish also available) and thoughtful veggie/fruit pairings — are what you really need to eat here.

Three knocks
1. Open since February, DBC is already up for sale (but it will remain open, or so we're told).
2. Inconsistent sides: Chips and salsa are standard with your entree, but the chips are lousy (if I had to guess, Tostito's) and the first time I visited DBC, the salsa was equally straight off the supermarket shelf; the salsa you see above is the business — homemade and hot, DBC would do well to stick with it!
3. Its neighbor, Dallas Bike Works (not the booze barns), has lousy hours. While waiting for a friend one Sunday, three people in need of repairs walked to DBW only to be met by a locked door and a sign that reads open at noon. In 10 minutes, I was able to remedy two of the problems — raised an exceedingly low seat post (carry a multi-tool, y'all) for a gal who also sought my exercise advice for pregnant women (yeah, random dude cyclists, such as yours truly — know all about that!) and taught two ladies how to replace a tube (they were semi-veggies, so I hipped them to DBC and glorious tempeh). Look at me, being all helpful and ish!

My commute sucks, right; whose commute doesn't? Mine's a straight shot across Interstate 635 from Lake Highlands to Irving. Ever since construction to transform crappy LBJ into Optimus Highway began, it has sucked the life out of me, one gridlocked minute at a time. One thing I do to pass the time: Observe oddities like the security car above. Would you hire a security guard from a company that uses Comic Sans (I-effin-talicized, too) for its logo?

That right there is the sign of a good-ass week. Whenever I fill my drying rack with technical clothes, I can't help but smile and think about the miles I've logged on foot and bike.

Poor R. Theodor Stricker. Captured in OKC, I totally forgot about this photo until today. What happened to adding an "E," Ma and Pop Stricker? Sheesh! My research shows that The Odor wisely goes by Ted. Wouldn't you?

I never know what I'm going to find when I step inside Curiosities Antiques in Lakewood. That's an actual stuffed bull frog playing an upright bass (which some call a bull fiddle). When I saw this awhile back, I was torn about buying it. It's weird, cool, funny and gross. I left it, mainly because it cost $35 and it is more gross than anything. I highly recommend visiting Curiosities. It's not like being on "American Pickers" or shopping at Obscura Antiques and Oddities; it is, however, a lot of fun poking around the most random collection of crap you'll find in Dallas.

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