Sunday, June 3, 2012

Overconfident on trails, costly climate control, rethinking rallies and KXT's Summer Cut

Some fairly tech ish right here. Momentum is your friend and just look forward going through this tree gate. Don't even think about lookin' at those roots!

Purchased in 2002 and officially dubbed Isabella Bicicleta
Oro de EspaƱa. The Spanish gold and red color combo
might have cost a bold designer at Trek his/her job; but
I've come to love it.
Most weekends, I am usually the most geeked about Saturday — better concerts, more events, full day to do whatever knowing I can recover Sunday. But not this weekend. The really fun stuff (well, except for laundry) is happening today. Top of the list: riding. My road bike is at the LBS for a tuneup, so that means quality time on the hardtail.

The original plan was riding the three loops of the DORBA trail at Cedar Hill State Park, which are dry, open and apparently awesome. But guess what? A friggin' Down and Dirty mud/obstacle run has commandeered the trails today. Good thing a friend told me about it before I hit the road.

Not really interested in scoping anything new  and trying to stay close to home, I opted for the faithful standby trail — Rowlett Creek Preserve. Of the 16 loops, I have my favorites, but I try to switch up the flow every time I ride in G-town — which means I don't have it completely dialed in. What's more, the DORBA crew organizes regular trail days to make improvements and add new obstacles (mostly teeter totters, logs piles and bridges). So it's best to not get cocky and respect the trail.

If by chance you are scouting locations for a "Swamp Thing" remake, look no further. Loop 2 is pond scum central.

I dig riding trails. It requires greater awareness and quicker decisions than road cycling. It's fun ducking low limbs, feeling their bark lightly scrape my CamelBak and my helmet high-fives their leaves.

On Loop 7, I stumbled upon some new-to-me trail work — a well-designed and nicely built boardwalk section. It lies directly on the preserve's floor, so it's not as challenging as some of the elevated ladders you'll see on hillier trails. But still, it's a nice little feature that you must respect. First cruise: Loved it. So much so that I snapped a pic for the blog and promised I'd loop back for a second go.

Guess what happened on that second ride? I totally didn't respect the trail, rode too fast, cut a tight corner at the end of the first segment and ate dirt hard. The damage: The unkindest "kiss" a male biker can receive from a crossbar. Yep, I was down, cussing and groveling for about 5 minutes. Good times. I also managed to acquire an 8-inch cut on my upper thigh and some tiny splinters on my arms. As bad as all that sounds, I feel fine now; my pride is even totally "whatevs" about the spill. I'm clean and ready to fight another day.

Chill factor

I know what you're thinking: Sexy, right? I think it has
Campagnolo components.  :) 
Major household repairs and I are not good friends. Within a month of moving in, I had to buy a new HVAC handler. Not cheap, but necessary. On Memorial Day I ponied up big bucks to replace what I'm told was one of the oldest AC compressors the service team has ever seen. 

With the added expense this month, I'll have to be a bit tighter on what I do this summer. The first casualty unfortunately is next weekend's Tulsa Tough, which would have been two days of riding with some kick-ass frunners. Cow Creek's 101 miler is still going to happen, and I also will make it to HHH. While I'm bummed, it was necessary. Paying to sweat at races and rallies is fun; paying to not sweat inside one's home is essential.

Summer Cut and G-town pics

I'll end this post with some rando shots of Garland (I like to swing by some old spots when I ride RCP) and one from Friday's concert — KXT's Summer Cut.

Smile Smile: An excellent local band whose set was cut short due to sound problems on the second stage of KXT's Summer Cut. I also saw the Flaming Lips, St. Vincent, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Fitz and the Tantrums on Friday. Not a bad deal for $10. Get an eyeful of the fans and bands at

More crash damage: I have no idea what mangled the water bottle cage when I wrecked. Maybe my leg?

You don't see too many stand-alone Foot Lockers these days. Backinnaday, you could get some fly-ass Reebok Pumps, Air Jordans, LA Gear Catapults and Cons Aero Jams at this joint.

The star is not shining so bright at Star Mart these days. I didn't step inside because: a) I was a dirty, sweaty mess, and b) I didn't want to know if someone ever beat my high score on the store's "SpyHunter" arcade game. 

Wow. Just wow. I don't even know where to begin. This is Gar-tastic.

Where I grew up. It makes me incredibly happy that the current owners take good care of the landscaping. The crape myrtles on the right are massive!

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That Pink Girl said...

OUCH! The ground isn't very forgiving, is it? Glad you weren't hurt worse, say, trapped under a boulder. That would certainly stink.
And my blind eyes read Get Excited as Italian Clothing, not Cuisine. And I thought, heck YES, get excited! I was curious to know what type of clothing was Sicilian/Italian. Red pope shoes, perhaps?