Friday, July 13, 2012

Nothing to fear here

What, with the name of my blog — tr13ce = trece (thirteen en Español), which sounds like Tracy — one might assume I have grand plans of celebrating Friday the 13th by watching horror flicks and getting a $20 tattoo of the number 13 at Elm Street Tattoo. Well, I do have grand plans, but neither of those 13-centric activities is on the itinerary. 

BUT, in honor of this day, here are some interesting articles related to Friday the 13th:

• ABC News reports that businesses are prepared for fewer customers today. Turns out not many folks want to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries or get married today. says fewer that 2,845 will wed today, compared to more than 4,000 next Friday.

• Afraid of the no. 13 (triskaidekaphobiaor Friday the 13th (paraskevidekatriaphobia)? You're in good company, writes Donna Henes at The Huffington Post. Turns out Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Christopher Columbus and Winston Churchill weren't fans of the number either.

• But can you make a scary amount of money on the stock market? Lauren Simonetti at Fox Business writes that the broader market rallies 60 percent of the time on Friday the 13th

• If you're scrounging for change today, there are some deals to be had. Starbucks is letting customers try its new Very Berry Hibiscus and Cool Lime Refreshers for free today; and says Krispy Kreme and Chik-fil-A are game for freebies, too. If you buy a dozen doughnuts, your second dozen costs just 75 cents today. Dress as a cow at CFA, get a free meal. I am not interested in any of these offers, today or any day. But hey, I figured I might as well share, because you just might be. If you do dress as a cow (today or any day), please take pictures!

Whether you're staying inside and watching movies until the 14th, running a half-marathon or getting some fresh ink while eating doughnuts, I hope you enjoy this fantastic day!

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