Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tunesday: "I Come From The Water," The Toadies

What do I need to say about The Toadies? If you were a teen in the '90s, there's little chance you haven't heard "Possum Kingdom," "Tyler" or any of the other tracks from this Fort Worth band's first record, "Rubberneck." Easily one of the greatest rock success stories from North Texas, I rank this album only slightly lower than Tripping Daisy's "Bill" on my personal list of the most important D/FW records.

The Toadies, unlike Tripping Daisy, went on to major national success. Perhaps that and the incessant radio play of the hits were the main factors in my not owning "Rubberneck" until 2003, about 10 years after it was originally released. I can't explain it; it's a damn good record. Making up for all that lost time, once I finally got a copy you couldn't keep the disc out of my car's CD player. I'd listen to it ritualistically en route to the mountain bike trails at San Angelo State Park.

"I Come From The Water" is a straight-at-ya rock treasure that doesn't eff around. From the opening riff to the closing rock cliche, it's too entertaining to not like. And hey, don't discount how I — a word guy —  am able to look past the grammar; even I understand that Vaden Todd Lewis is just having fun with the language. And it is fun.

If you know your Toadies history, you're aware of the group's rocket trajectory to global super-super stardom fizzled during the process of recording and releasing the followup to "Rubberneck." The label rejected and refused to release "Feeler" in 1998m which led to the not-as great, label-approved but fairly good "Hell Below/ Stars Above." The toll was too much for the group, which split shortly after the record's release in 2001.

The group eventually reunited with a different bassist and recorded a couple of albums. The next one — "Play.Rock.Music" — is set for release July 31 (intrigued fans should check out the odd and entirely NSFW video for the first single, "Summer of the Strange"). 

What else? If you're itching to see The Toadies, it's your lucky summer: Make plans to head out to the Fifth Annual Dia de Los Toadies on Aug. 31-Sept. 1 at the Whitewater Amphitheater in New Braunfels. Originally held at Possum Kingdom Lake then Rough Creek Ranch in Glen Rose, DDLT made the move south a few years back. In addition to two sets a piece by The Toadies and reunited '90s-era Austin staple Sixteen Deluxe (anyone remember "Idea"?) the unbelievably eclectic lineup includes Fort Worth garage rockers The Phuss (nice Q&A with the DMN's Mario Tarradell), Helmet, Mariachi El Bronx (alter-ego of hardcore band The Bronx, get a load of this performance on Leno), P1 favorites The King Bucks and a handful other acts.

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UltraMamaC said...

You had me at Mariachi. Quite nice. Every Tuesday I learn about new stuff that I'm pretty sure I would never have heard otherwise. Cool.