Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tunesday: Liberty By The Lake edition

It may be Tunesday, but my mind is firmly focused on tomorrow — the Fourth of July. It'll be another guaranteed PR day for me — heading up and over to The Colony to race my first 10K at Liberty By The Lake. Unlike my first 5K in May, I'm bringing the shuffle along; here's a peek at two tracks that will make the playlist.

Rancid is another one of those bands that I like to play to death, put down and then revisit after a year or so. What makes "Django" so bad ass? Why, it's that Western cowpunk guitar riff. Hell, I like this song so much, I can even look past Tim Armstrong committing a major rock 'n' roll sin — introducing a guitar solo by yelling, "Solo!"

Punk actually makes up a large portion of the Liberty playlist. Nothing is more patriotic than music by bands that exercise their right to express themselves — punctuated with sneers, offensive words, spit and middle fingers. Need more punk and/or Rancid in your life? Read my review for "The Other F Word."

The Brits may have lost America, but they occupy a substantial size of my iTunes catalog (quite a consolation prize, I know). In addition to British invasion artists, '70s UK rockers, Britpop '90s bands and assorted indie outfits, I also have a soft spot for British rappers. It started about 8 years ago; The Streets and Dizzee Rascal received a lot of play. Dizzee still has regular rotation status, especially this song. Turning a Billy Squier tune (hilarious video here) into an outstanding hip-hop track is no small feat. But don't take my word for it. NME says it's the no. 9 song in the last 60 years.

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