Friday, August 10, 2012

My pal Scott's Lentil-Mushroom Burgers, Olympics-inspired racewalking, Irving Arts Center, Urban Thrift and White Rock sunset

I know what you're thinking: "Hey, that's not a burger, bro." You know what? You're right. And that's fine. What it is: A photo of a step in creating ultrarunner Scott Jurek's Lentil-Mushroom Burgers (recipe) that are featured in his excellent book, "Eat & Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness." This is Step 3 (sauteeing finely chopped kale, mushrooms, onion and garlic). The burgers I made look nothing like the photos accompanying the recipe; that's why you're seeing this picture. "But how do they taste?" you ask. Pretty good. The meatiness of the walnuts is what makes the difference. A little dry, but that can be fixed with your favorite condiment. I recommend a little Dijon mustard. Hatch chile salsa will also do the trick.

From reading about Scott Jurek to seeing me: I realize it's a tough transition. I'll never have
his curls, but a long-haired version of yours truly is probably coming back. You've been warned.

Olympic fever is spreading across the globe. My office is no different. A recent email thread about an Olympic champion racewalker who tested positive for PEDs led to a bit of fun at my office. A dozen dudes are competing for $36 and bragging rights in the 2012 Men's Racewalk on the third floor of our building. The layout is perfect: There's an actual wood-floor oval track in the middle of the floor. Well, seeing as I'm serious about racing, I went all out; I even created a bib for my first race on Thursday (I had a bye for the first round). The semifinals and final are today; I won't wear this outfit — I have something better planned. If you're unfamiliar with racewalking, I'll say this: It's not nearly as easy as you think. Oh, and "Vegas oddsmakers" have me as a 4-1 favorite (FIGJAM). Oh, and you better believe the women's race will be next week!

Pseudo-related to work: My office is about four miles from the Irving Arts Center. It's a fantastic place to spend my lunch hour. I like to visit the outdoor sculptures first, then spend the rest of the time inside, especially when it's so friggin' hot! Through Sept. 8, you can see the works of local artists at the 12th Annual Art Connection Members Show (painting above makes me smile almost as wide as that horse). There are other exhibits worth seeing, too. I love that Irving ISD students' art is on display. How cool it must be for them to be a part of an exhibit at such a young age!

What you see is half of the bounty I recently dropped off at Urban Thrift, the newest (only?) thrift store in Lake Highlands. I'll be honest: That Converse box filled with 30-or-so discs woulda netted me at least 30 dollars at Half-Price Books. While I love HPB and could use $30, I opted to support a new business in my community by donating music and about a dozen vegetarian/vegan cookbooks from backinnaday. I'm hopeful my donations are found by adventurous shoppers, encourages others to donate great items and that Urban Thrift becomes a cool, affordable shopping spot. Heck, if any of those CDs interest you (Animal Collective and The Avett Brothers are the two without labeling) — at about $1 a piece — you should check it out.

I leave you with a beautiful sunset I captured a few days ago after a lap around White Rock Lake. Even though my focus is firmly on my cycling goals (HHH and TTTT), I still find nothing as blissful as a run at my neighborhood oasis. I'm blessed to live so near to such a beautiful place where I can escape city life. Humorously, it's where I first experienced the dreaded red 11 (tape those nipples on long runs, fellas) and the worst hail storm. Seriously, this is also where I became a runner — where I first ran 10 miles, then 20 miles (starting and ending at Norbuck Park, for those keeping score at home), ran my first race (DRC Half Marathon in 2011) and became a marathoner (2011 MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon).


Michelle K said...

What great pics---I love that painting from the Irving Arts Center--makes my heart smile! We share a similar past at White Rock Lake--same milestones...I have paid my dues in sweat there.

Good luck with your race walk challenge! FIGJAM!!

That Pink Girl said...

Heck yes, you'll dominate race walking - balls to the wall, Tr13ce, balls to the wall!

Also, buddies with Scott huh? Seems like a cool dude to be tight with. Good for you.