Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tunesday: "Henrietta," Yeasayer

I haven't paid much attention to Yeasayer since 2007's excellent release "All Hour Cymbals," a brilliant psychedelic nugget featuring the preposterously excellent "2080". That's a shame. Hearing "Henrietta" for the first time today reminded me how great the band is and how much I used to dig psych-revival bands — Brightblack Morning Light, anyone?

What's cool about Yeasayer's music: It's instantly recognizable but damn difficult to describe — no group quite compares. The Brooklyn-based group adroitly touches every style imaginable, creating a sound that is completely theirs. And from the sound of the first track, the new album — "Fragrant World," Aug. 20 release date — the band hasn't stopped experimenting and evolving. And that's not surprising, considering the group would like to pattern its career after David Bowie's. If only I had heard the track about a week ago, when the entire album was briefly leaked by the band for an online scavenger hunt.

What else?
• For people who care about such things, Nerve says Yeasayer's Anand Wilder is the second sexiest guy in indie rock music. Well, he does have nice hair.
• If you dig Yeasayer and don't mind going to the House of Blues, you can see them Sept. 5. in Dallas, or several other dates across the country

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