Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tunesday: The Guilty Pleasure Mix

Welcome to a little something different this week. Instead of the norm, I'mma hit ya with some songs that I completely fess up to loving. I think we all have a handful of tracks that fit the category (please share yours — if you're bold — in the comments). Here are just a few of mine:

"Deeper Shade of Soul," Urban Dance Squad 

What we have here is a less-talented, smaller Dutch version of Fishbone that has a greater hip-hop influence.

Why it's a guilty pleasure: There's just way too much sampling going on here; it's annoying that the Ray Baretto sample and the music played by UDS just don't quite jibe. For the record, Baretto's version is all kinds of kick ass. Call me crazy, but even with the wavering rhythm and uncertain key signature, this song is aiight in my book. I can't quite explain why. But it doesn't hurt that the video is filthy with old school skateboarding.

"Mr. Brownstone," Guns N' Roses

How is it possible that a song that starts out almost precisely like Bow Wow Wow's "I Want Candy" is so excellent?

Why it's a guilty pleasure: It's '80s hard rock/metal, the stuff grunge bands killed. It's not "cool" to like this stuff, right? I couldn't care less. When I'm looking for a song about doin' heroin and neither The Velvet Underground (dig that droning viola) nor Neil Young (brilliant) can be found, GNFNR is a good, quick fix. Note: I don't intend to offend or portray drug use and addiction as something to take lightly. It's affected me, family and friends; I encourage everyone to avoid them and seek help if they're battling addiction. 

"Get Your Hands Off My Woman," The Darkness"

Ladies and gentlemen, The Darkness is the closest thing to Spinal Tap that we will ever know. And I, for one, am glad they exist.

Why it's a guilty pleasure: Well, it's effin' hard to take this band very seriously. I mean, do they take themselves seriously?!? No. Not at all. Do they, ahem, "rock balls"? Why yes. Yes, they do. Impressively so. I dig The Darkness. I know they have a new album and all, but I have no interest beyond "Permission to Land." It's a memorable album because I popped it into the CD player at Electric Voodoo Tattoo in San Angelo when Dean started working on my left arm half-sleeve. The very second he heard lead singer Justin Hawkins' falsetto, he lost it and laughed his ass off — with his tattoo machine in hand. Fortunately, his hand was steady and the machine didn't veer off course and destroy my skin. I have fond memories of enjoying the hell outta that album during the three sessions required to complete the tat.

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That Pink Girl said...

I had to think about this one for a week.

Shockingly, I'm not ashamed of anything that I listen to. That's not saying that I shouldn't be ashamed, just that I'm not. But playing along...
One Direction. Oh, they creep me out. I just feel weird listening to their, um, music. They are just so young - there should be an age limit or something. But it isn't so creepy when it is a Girl Band instead of a Boy Band.

Enter, Cimorelli. Oh, I just adore Cimorelli! I bought their EP the very day it was released. I enjoy their a capella stuff the most, but honestly it is all good. They harmonize so well! The best.

Secretly, I'd like to be a Cimorelli sister. It think I could fit in - I have long dark hair and I own a lot of white tee shirts! There's just the small matter of me not being able to sing...