Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tunesday: "Idioteque," Radiohead

This song reminds me of Austin. I bought the album "Kid A" at a midnight release at Tower Records in 2000 (more about that landmark's last days here, written by former Daily Texan colleague Matt Dentler), the last time I attended a midnight release. It was a major event. The last RH album, "OK Computer" was massive, and it was a staple in my life and so many friends' lives since its release in 1997. How much did I love that album? I listened to it through headphones as I fell asleep most nights during my dorm years.

After waiting four years, I absolutely had to have "Kid A" ASAP. Something new to fall asleep to. Once I had it in my hands, I listened to it all night, right up until my first class that morning — Visual Design, my favorite of that semester. The professor, Shawn McKinney, started the class playing "The National Anthem" and ended the class with "Idioteque." I listened to the album exclusively the entire semester when I worked on projects for that class in the computer labs. No iPod in those days. I lugged the CD and a Discman in my bag. I went through a lot of batteries.

Nowadays, I run often to "Kid A," and "Idioteque" is my favorite track. The beat is perfect, and visions of Thom Yorke's erratic dancing (he does it in every single clip I've watched) make me less self-conscious of how goofy I look while running. Yorke just goes about his business loving the music he and the band are making, rocking out like a kid in his bedroom. That's a great place to be — carefree and fully enjoying what you're doing, dancing like nobody is watching.


That Pink Girl said...

Oh yes, I know that song! good stuff.
Ah, Tower. Many an hour spent flipping through the cd bins at Tower. They had all the sick tunes I wanted plus some really random crap - Thunder Drums!

Michelle K said...

Another spectacular Tunesday, Mr Tracy! I absolutely love how you (and the author of the comment above, TPG) relate so strongly to music. It just reinforces the career path I have chosen for myself. Keep those Tunesdays coming!