Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tunesday: "Oh Mandy," The Spinto Band

Quirky is cool. That makes The Spinto Band exceptionally cool. The Delaware band is quirky and sincere, and I love that about them. I first heard the group in 2006, when this single received significant buzz. I had the good fortune of seeing the band play a gig with The Lovely Feathers (outstanding running track "In the Valley") at the venerable Chicago venue Schubas that very same year. My best friend was in town visiting me (I lived in Rockford, Ill., at the time). A former college radio music director, Ryan turned me on to the band and countless others. He still does, in fact.

Singer Nick Krill sounds a whole lot like David Byrne of The Talking Heads, and that's a good thing. His and the rest of the band's stage presence at the show I attended six years ago also reminded me of Byrne — aloof and fun. See video of that exact night at right (terrible audio, but terribly entertaining).

The mandolin dominates "Oh Mandy" and sets Spinto apart from your typical indie band. Groups with a folk and/or country bent naturally include mandos and banjos, but Spinto doesn't really fit those categories. The frenetic playing is like a locomotive chugging along the tracks, a non-stop intense rhythm that keeps the song moving. It also doesn't hurt that a theremin gets second billing during most of the track. I'm a sucker for a well-used theremin.

Almost every person who visited me in Chicago or Rockford
was treated to Giordano's.  I dare anyone to eat a slice
without a fork. Or to eat more than two slices.
This band's music became a major component of the soundtrack to a weekend spent showing the best city in the country (IMHO) to a great friend. We avoided doing too many touristy things. I remember watching some of the World Cup at Giordano's — definitely a fine choice if you prefer deep dish pizza. I do not, but when in Rome, yes?

What else? 

Until recently, I hadn't thought of The Spinto Band in years; so I was pleasantly surprised to see that the group is still together, touring in support of the album they released earlier this summer.

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