Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tunesday: "A Day at the Races," Jurassic 5

Here we are: Dallas Marathon race week. On Sunday, I'll race my third 26.2. A year ago — Dec. 4, 2011 — I ran my first marathon, the White Rock Marathon (for those not in Dallas-Fort Worth, it's the same race, just a different name and course).

I don't plan to heel-click this year; I
want to finish sprinting and cross that
line with nothing in the tank.
I had little idea what to expect last year. I had trained for months and logged a couple 20-plus long runs; but nothing could prepare me for what it felt like to actually race that distance and actually finish a marathon. It was tough (cold and wet). It hurt (stiff legs needed stretching after 20 miles), and my ancient iPod died right around 20 miles, too (the last song I heard: the "Grey Album" version of "99 Problems").

Leading up to this Sunday, I've trained smarter and I have a well-charged Shuffle that will last much longer than I'll need. And I have an extraordinary playlist that includes one of my favorite hip-hop groups — Jurassic 5, who rank just below the Beastie Boys in my world. I didn't grow up with J5 like I did the B-Boys, but I picked up on the group when I first heard "What's Golden," probably their best-known track (DMB fans better not say "What about 'Work It Out'?" ... though, I confess, the video has its moments).

But "A Day at the Races" is my all-time fave J5 track. That beat, that bass line, the BPM are all perfect. And each rapper's section, including a guest spot by Big Daddy Kane, is tight as can be. I could probably run half of the marathon solely listening to this track. I won't, but I could.


That Pink Girl said...

Let's see if this works - last night it was cantankerous.

Nuthin wrong with puttin a tune on repeat if that is what you need to get through it. Nuthin at all. You should see the play count on some of my songs - it is clear that they are favorites!

Running to sick beats or just to the perfect tempo of your own pulse, you've got this. You've trained hard and you've trained smart. Over and over you've proven that you are determined, resilient and mentally strong as an ox.

Ain't nuthin gonna hold you back come race day!

Michelle K said...

I love everything about this Tunesday! There is alot of science behind your race playlist, I am glad that you have that secret weapon in your ears. I am so excited for you and for your race, I can't wait to see how it all unfolds for you. No doubt you have grown so much as an athlete since that first marathon a year ago (it was my 1st too!). I'll be rooting for you!

Also....best finish pic EVAH!!