Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tunesday: Sick sounds

Sick. Not like, "Duuuude ... siiiick." More like that crap that's been floating around making folks feel awful. The same crap that spreads like wildfire on mass transit and throughout office buildings. That kind of sick. The bad kind.

It's a little early in the game to determine if I've contracted some bug. But some symptoms are rearing their heads. My body fights illness like a champ, so I easily could wake up feeling 100 percent Tuesday morning. Odds are I will.

On the off chance that I do feel like hell tomorrow, don't you go worrying about me. I'll have good tunes to speed along the recuperation. In no particular order, these are the best tracks to listen to when I feel like crap.

Midlake does three things well — repping Denton, growing beards and writing songs that can lull me to sleep. Peaceful and haunting, "Small Mountain" is a prime example of the minor-key excellence of Midlake. This isn't music to start a productive day to; it is, however, excellent for schlepping your tired body between sleeping sessions on the bed and your couch.

This is simple: When you're sick, you don't feel like yourself.  Where is my mind, indeed.

The piano chords and the drums are the steady boat at risk of being capsized in the maelstrom that is Jonny Greenwood's bowed electric guitar, a swelling orchestra and Thom Yorke's increasingly assured delivery. I hear this song and it feels like I'm in the ocean undulating — not unlike the foggy-headed, lack of equilibrium that's a hallmark of the crud.

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That Pink Girl said...

Pretty sure The Pixies are the cure for just about anything.

The Pixies and a good long nap.

And Oreos. It's a powerful combination.
Hope you're feeling better today!