Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tunesday: "Swim Until You Can't See Land," Frightened Rabbit

Scotsmen Frightened Rabbit are celebrating the U.S. release of their latest album, "Pedestrian Verse," today. I haven't finished listening to the free stream on The Guardian's Music Blog, so I can't render a verdict. But I'll venture to say it's a great album, because so far I've loved the band's other efforts. The last full-length record, "The Winter of Mixed Drinks," is thematically about struggle and survival. What I like most about "Swim" lyrically is the drive to just keep going. I have little doubt these days. But I can remember what it's like to be deep in it. Doubt, depression, sadness. God willing, this state of determined optimism will remain. I really can't imagine being happier, and there's nothing I lack in life. Challenges will arise. But I've never been better equipped to face them and conquer them. That's a great feeling. A feeling I won't take for granted.  And I will just keep going as far as this path will take me — by land, by sea, by air. It's a beautiful journey.

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