Friday, May 24, 2013

Proud of my Pops, IMTX shots, puns aplenty, funny graffiti

We interrupt the regularly scheduled begging for donations to 24 Hours in the Canyon (just 8 days left to help fight cancer — read about it here) to dust off the Five Photo Friday pheature. Oh, and for people who are good at "the maths," you may notice that there are six photos in this installment. Consider it a gift to you, the faithful reader. You're welcome!

That's my father. He recently earned his masters from the University of Texas at Tyler. He will be a first year broadcast journalism professor at the University of North Texas next fall. I'm very proud of him for achieving his goals. Way to go, Pops!

I've attempted to document this hilarious graffiti multiple times en route to work on the TRE. On a few ornamental sections of the Triple Underpass a graffito has tagged what appears to be the word "Power" with black spray paint. Apparently this vandal has a sense of humor.

Speaking of humor, I am not ashamed to admit that I am a fan of puns. I blame years of writing newspaper headlines. My first boss, Roy, was the king of puns — a puntificator, as he would say. He would agree that this right here is a punny magazine. I would relish the opportunity to write the cover blurbs for this periodical.

I spent a few days in The Woodlands for Ironman Texas last week. I didn't compete. Instead, I was a spectathlete, there to cheer on the wonderful That Pink Girl. I spotted this chillaxin' pooch and couldn't help snapping a shot. This dog has got it MADE!

Quality signs along the 112 mile bike route. This one was near mile 111. I'm guessing the answer for many racers was "Yes."

Frunners. Wonderful, awesome, stupendous Frunners showing big-time love for our Favorite Pink Girl.

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That Pink Girl said...

Birds with curves. It never gets old. It's a keen mind that sees the things you do. The extraordinary hiding among the entirely ordinary. Thank you for sharing them with us!